SDI Owner Steve DeLorenzi is also San Francisco RECO Inspector #309

SDI is not only California’s leading green building efficiency expert, we also complete WATER and ENERGY efficiency inspections for the city of San Francisco. They include the Energy and Water Conservation Ordinance for Realtors selling single family homes and or multi-family units.

On the ENERGY conservation side these inspections consist of checking the attics to make sure they are up to the current SF RECO (Residential Energy Conservation Ordinance) code. We also check all the front and rear doors for weather stripping, door sweeps, water heaters for earthquake strapping, pipes and tanks being insulated, heating ducts being wrapped and boilers pipes in boiler rooms being insulated. Making sure they have adequate smoke alarms in the halls and bedrooms and that carbon monoxide detectors are installed is part of the inspection process.

On the WATER conservation side we replace old hot and cold faucets with a new dual faucet, we replace faucets missing aerators, we install 2.5 (gpm) gallon per minute low flow shower heads in units that don’t have them. Our major WATER conservation program, is replacing old 3.5 gpf gallon per flush toilets with new 1.6 and 1.2 gpf toilets in any home or multi family apartment that has one. This is done before the building or home is sold and goes through escrow. There are rebates available to the property owner from the San Francisco Public Utility Commission for these upgrades.



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