Custom Solutions for Everyone

SDI understands how to develop custom solutions for a wide range of clients. Whether you’re a homeowner, contractor or architect we are the experts in the field of energy efficiency.

For the Homeowner

Looking to lower your energy bills, make your home more comfortable or more energy efficient? SDI is here to help, from start to finish. Previously, homeowners had to search all over town to find and complete all of their energy needs. Here at SDI, you can find everything in one location. Our experts are here to answer all of your questions, before, during and after installation. We provide you with Efficiency Solutions that give you the peace-of-mind and the comfort of knowing that your house is working for you. Call us today for a free building performance test.

For the Contractor

Your customers are our customers. A job done right is just as important to us, as it is for you. SDI is an extension of your business and we are here to make sure that all of your concerns are met as one of the most responsive insulators in the Bay Area. We will work with you to fine-tune your project specifications, timelines and budgets. Whether you are in pre-planning, working with a real estate agent, bidding, installing or invoicing, we can work with you to get the job done right. Have the comfort in knowing that all of your needs are met in one location and for a good price. Call us today and let us turn your time into money in your pocket.

architect's rendering of a house

For the Architect

The right plan is in the details. SDI is here to help you with the initial planning of your project to improve home efficiency, energy loss, and soundproofing. Each of these will lead to a more comfortable home for your client. We will work with you to come up with the best plan going forward while staying on budget and maximizing your profit. We will provide you with options, including being your Title 24 consultant. With SDI’s help, we will provide you with the most information possible. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

Your Partner

As your partner, we don’t want you to sweat the small stuff. SDI is here to make your large projects energy efficient and to get onto the market quickly. Our experts are up-to-date on state codes, Title 24, HERS Inspections and home performance standards and requirements. We will also work with you on cost overlays and materials that will make your future homes comfortable for the homeowner. We promise to get materials to the job site fast and we will stand behind you if a problem arises. SDI is here so you can focus on other areas of your business. Put your trust in SDI and call us today.